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About Me


Toastmasters helps to not only develop ones speaking ability and comfort to engage others in impromptu conversation, but the hidden gem is building confidence as a leader.

A member of Dawnbreakers Toastmasters in Edmonton Alberta, I have held positions such as Area Director, Club President , VP of Education and others.

Look into Toastmasters, or visit our club if you want to know more about developing your own speaking and leadership abilities.

Recent Activities

Winning the Toastmasters District 99 Table Topics Competition brought me great joy, and helped develop the skills and patience to craft a good story about a surprise subject.

Many people have asked me how I can come up with a well rounded story in such short notice.  There are some tips that can be used that will catch your audiences attention and make you look smooth.

Listen to the details on the latest ToastCaster podcast, or read the details in my blog 

Workshops and Keynotes

As an experienced Project Manager and leader in bringing teams together,  I host one hour keynote sessions on how to keep the remote employee engaged while the world is falling apart.  Using examples from life and reference from top business leaders your take away is Five Top Tips from the trenches on keeping engaged from a distance.

How about a 45 Min breakout session that is interactive, and tests your own abilities to adjust on the fly?  Using tips from the farm and tricks from the trail, you will walk away with a tool box of knowledge that wont leave you caught off guard again.


Tips from the farm, Tricks from the trail

Bring the barnyard to the boardroom, and the Office Outside.  In this presentation, Blaine take his experience outdoors and shares how this is not so far off from office politics.

The navigation is similar, but the smell distinct.  using humour and real life examples, your hard working group will form a new connection as to how to deliver so the suits understand.

Animal Wrangling

Have you ever wanted to just      "whip that group into shape?"

Team-building takes more that a sharp stick or a bag full of carrots,  It takes understanding , patience, and getting to know what motivates your critters.

With an overtone of ranch wrangling, and moving control into persuasion, you will soon find out that the methods to round up ranch animals are similar to creating a tight project team.  In This session Blaine shares motivation factors, behaviour styles and tips on getting the load hauled and the goods delivered.

Customer Service, what makes them smile?

Understanding human needs, and how to go beyond expectations is the foundation of delivering top customer service.

With stories from the retail industry, rental accommodations, and the service industry, Blaine highlights horror stories you never want to happen to you, and more importantly , what distinguishes top service that consistently draws clients back to you.


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